Designers of Compelling Information

A Montana based company, Quantum Grafx can take the most basic info and turn it into a useful multi media tool. Motivating Information Solutions is the way we explain it. We provide answers and solutions. It’s what we do.
Really nice Hi-Def safety, educational, commercial, & music video productions…
Amazing 3-D animations & graphics…
Even jury-swaying courtroom electronic presentations, graphics, photo geometery, interactive trial elements & legal settlement videos.
From scripting, to duplication, we can manage the whole project.


Quantum Definition:

quan·tum (kwntm)
n. pl. quan·ta (-t)
1. A quantity or amount.
2. A specified portion.
3. Something that can be counted or measured.

1. A quantity or amount

The right amount of talent and expertise. 20 plus years servicing all kinds of clients across the US

2. A specified portion

A portion of your budget. Giving your organization a good solid product at a fair price.

3. Something that can be counted or measured

You can measure the desired effect our products have.

Formerly THL Digital Inc.

THL is now Quantum Grafx. Still providing all the services of THL Digital. So expect the same attention to detail.

Captivate, Clarify, and Educate

Thats always easier said that done. But every project we take on, our clients always say, "How did you do that"! Its the driving force behind everything we do.